Recall Healing

Identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind a condition or behavior

Recall Healing

Recall Healing therapy session

In Recall Healing, we look at identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind a condition or behavior.

To unlock the secrets of illness, Recall Healing integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, evidence-based scientific research, and observation of biological laws.

The concept sheds light and understanding on the normal functioning of a living creature, how it becomes ill and how it is possible for it to regain health and well being. Recall Healing helps the person to their perspective which contributes to optimize the healing process.

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Every time we talk, I never know what we will discover. So, I begin with what has been going on in my week, or something benign, and it always ends up revealing important connections to my youth and different experiences; where I'm at in my journey. So, by the end of the one hour session, I have this new part of the big picture in focus. I'm learning to not try to control the conversation, but to allow the process to move forward, and by doing so, I can see how far I've come. It just gets more exciting! It's as if my subconscious is more in tune with my consciousness. It gets easier to trust in the process.


No. California, Nov 2018

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Frequently Asked

How long does Recall Healing take?

There is no set amount of time..... However, after the first session, individuals begin to have a new understanding about how their life experiences, their project purpose, and their genealogy play a role in the issues currently being experienced.

How is Recall Healing different from traditional therapy?

In traditional therapy, one talks about the issues they believe contribute to their present issues.... In Recall Healing, the practitioner asks questions specifically related to the physical manifestation to allow a deeper understanding of what may contribute to the issues. Additionally, the practitioner teaches the individual how to uncover and address these issues.

Does my child have to be present to help them?

Children do not need to be present to be affected..... When parents work on the child's project purpose and address past issues, children automatically shift, allowing for changes in behavior and health to occur.

Is it necessary to have an “in person” session?

It is not necessary to come to my office for the session. Videoconferencing or telephone sessions work just as well.

Is it necessary to have experienced a workshop prior to a session?

Although it is definitely advantageous to take a workshop.... It is not necessary, we will cover the basics in the first session.

How do I make an appointment?

You can either call Dr. Dawson at (626) 494-3333 or email at 

Recall Healing Educates Individuals Regarding:
  • Personal Experience
  • Project Purpose
  • Ancestry
  • Letting Go of Past Traumas
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    In Person

    Individual and Couple sessions available. Initial consultations are 60 minutes with a prerecorded video to watch prior ($250) and follow-ups are 60 minutes ($200).

    Over the Phone

    With Recall Healing, distance is not a problem. We can be just as present over the phone.

    Skype Sessions

    Excellent for international remote sessions or for couples, Skype sessions are available in 60 minute time-blocks.

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