Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no set amount of time.....
However, after the first session, individuals begin to have a new understanding about how their life experiences, their project purpose, and their genealogy play a role in the issues currently being experienced.

In traditional therapy, one talks about the issues they believe contribute to their present issues....
In Recall Healing, the practitioner asks questions specifically related to the physical manifestation to allow a deeper understanding of what may contribute to the issues. Additionally, the practitioner teaches the individual how to uncover and address these issues.

Children do not need to be present to be affected.....
When parents work on the child's project purpose and address past issues, children automatically shift, allowing for changes in behavior and health to occur.


It is not necessary to come to my office for the session.
Videoconferencing or telephone sessions work just as well.

Although it is definitely advantageous to take a workshop....
It is not necessary, we will cover the basics in the first session.

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